Frozen Pictures

The pandemic messed up a lot of our plans but it also served as a catalyst to find different ways in which to engage our students.

In June, we usually celebrate the end of the Primary School experience for our Year 6 students with a series of events – focus groups to reflect on the primary school experience, a concert, a farewell party… This year we had to be creative. Continue reading

“Rebellion on the Chessboard”

Amidst Covid-19 lockdowns, restrictions and many technical difficulties, we were finally able to put together our second year creative drama play.

Not exactly how we had envisioned it, however through a lot of  work, creativity and team effort from every party involved, we finally did it and we are quite proud about it! Continue reading

Workshop: Project dissemination to undergraduate teachers

Another dissemination workshop regarding Creative Drama in Education, was held on Tuesday December 3rd, by two teachers-mentors of our school, Rena and Christina. The workshop took place with the 14 undergraduate student-teachers that are currently attending classes at differenet grades of our school, in a mentoring programme that is held by the Teacher Department of the University of Patras.   Continue reading

World Theatre/Drama & Education Day 2019

World Theatre/Drama & Education Day 2019 was successfully celebrated by students and teachers of Demenika Primary School. More specifically, on November 27, the date established by the International Drama/Theatre and Education Association (IDEA) since 2008, students of classes D1 and B2 along with their teachers, got actively involved in various creative drama activities and techniques and led students of other classes as well in a joyous celebration. Continue reading

Dressing Up

How do you make a history lesson come to life? How can you help students understand what it was like to live some 500 years ago in Malta, when the Knights of St John “ruled” the islands and have fun in doing so? In 1565, the Ottoman Empire attacked the Knights of St John, in what later would become known as the Great Siege of Malta. There are many anecdotes and legends from this time but what is sure is that this was a most difficult period for everyone involved. Many people lost their lives and while Malta defeated the invading Turks, both sides suffered huge losses.

Ms Gertrude Camilleri, one of our Year 6 teachers, invited the students to dress up as a “character” from the Great Siege, take pictures and then write up “their” story, effectively combing drama, history and creative writing.


The exercise, while fun, helped students understand the “reality”  behind the Great Siege. The people who lived through the Great Siege were not that different from us and had they been able to take pictures, they would have probably looked something like this.

The irony of it all is that almost 500 years later, Malta and Turkey are happily participating in this great project and the Great Siege is but a memory from which we can all learn something.


“It’s cool to be different” – Short creative drama play

Students of classes C2 and C1 of Demenika Primary School worked creatively  over a period of about two months on a short creative drama play on the topics of diversity, human rights, friendship and working together. They were very thourough and got involved in everything: from lyrics in English for their little song, dance moves with the help of their teachers, and the creation of relevant props that completed their performance. Continue reading