Of endings and new beginnings…

Almost two and a half years ago we embarked on a project that would see five organisations coming together for a common cause – using drama techniques to support the teaching and learning processes, diversity and intercultural education in our schools. Little did we know how enriching this journey would be.

Nor could we have imagined how a global pandemic would force us to rethink the way we do things, as most of our schools were forced into lock down and travelling banned. The last months were taxing. COVID-19 impacted our way of life. It touched some of us up close. It hit hard, particularly when we were supposed to be together and instead were forced to meet from behind a screen. It thwarted our plans but not our spirit and even though at times it seemed almost impossible, we still found ways to make this project a success. In many ways, the project provided a reason to carry on when the going got really though. It lent itself extremely well to the times – we were forced to find really innovative and creative ways to bring the project successfully to a close.

As we look back, we also look forward. On paper this project is over but the experience will live on and celebrated in friendships that will last well into the future. The people behind the partner organisations are not the kind to stand idle. Many of us are busy with other projects but the network will live on and there will be other projects, other opportunities…

Till then, thank you for sharing this journey with us.

Photo by Jan Tinneberg on Unsplash


Dare to be Different -A Collection of Plays for Enhancing Diversity, Cultural Awareness and Social Responsibility in Theatre Work with School Children

We are pleased to announce the publication of eight dramatic scripts (two from each partner country), published in the original language: Serbian, Greek or Turkish, and translated into English. The topics of the scripts were chosen by the respective schools to highlight the interest of lower and upper primary school students: meeting peers from other countries and intercultural learning, migration then and now, environmental awareness and responsibility, prevention of excessive use of mobile phones…

The scripts were developed by teachers with their students the in four partner schools and can be of great value for all foreign language teachers and those who lead theatre work with students in schools, as a didactic tool or template for school plays.

The collection is freely downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Dare to be Different – A Collection of Plays for Enhancing Diversity, Cultural Awareness and Social Responsibility in Theatre Work with School Children

Any feedback is welcome. Please get in touch with the lead partner – Elementary School “Olga Milosevic” on email skolaolgamilosevic@gmail.com should you require any further information.

Drama Resources

At Zabbar Primary B we strongly believe in the professional development of educators and that practice needs to be supported by theory. The reference section in our library now boasts a considerable number of books to support drama and promote diversity at school.

Frozen Pictures

The pandemic messed up a lot of our plans but it also served as a catalyst to find different ways in which to engage our students.

In June, we usually celebrate the end of the Primary School experience for our Year 6 students with a series of events – focus groups to reflect on the primary school experience, a concert, a farewell party… This year we had to be creative. Continue reading

“Rebellion on the Chessboard”

Amidst Covid-19 lockdowns, restrictions and many technical difficulties, we were finally able to put together our second year creative drama play.

Not exactly how we had envisioned it, however through a lot of  work, creativity and team effort from every party involved, we finally did it and we are quite proud about it! Continue reading


BandaStorja is a storytelling project that is being coordinated by Maltese NGOs in collaboration with the Malta Arts Council.  The aim of Bandastorja is that of introducing music to young students in a form of a narrated story.  During a BandaStorja activity, the musicians play their instruments to assist the narrator along the storytelling. 

Our school hosted BandaStorja and it was an instant hit. Since this is an interactive educational activity, students were not just spectators, but heavily engaged with the band, the band director, and the narrator.  As part of the performance, several students were given the opportunity to play percussion instruments and direct the band, with the aim of enticing them to learn and practice music.  In order to make the activity even more interesting, Tevor Zahra, an internationally acclaimed Maltese author, narrated the story in Maltese.  This was a unique opportunity for the students who were exposed to a scenario where literature and music came together.

Workshop: Project dissemination to undergraduate teachers

Another dissemination workshop regarding Creative Drama in Education, was held on Tuesday December 3rd, by two teachers-mentors of our school, Rena and Christina. The workshop took place with the 14 undergraduate student-teachers that are currently attending classes at differenet grades of our school, in a mentoring programme that is held by the Teacher Department of the University of Patras.   Continue reading

World Theatre/Drama & Education Day 2019

World Theatre/Drama & Education Day 2019 was successfully celebrated by students and teachers of Demenika Primary School. More specifically, on November 27, the date established by the International Drama/Theatre and Education Association (IDEA) since 2008, students of classes D1 and B2 along with their teachers, got actively involved in various creative drama activities and techniques and led students of other classes as well in a joyous celebration. Continue reading